The Poetry leaves Project is designed to bring poetry into the everyday experience of Waterford Township residents by offering a series of activities in which residents can participate to increase their awareness, understanding and involvement in creating poetry as an art form. These culminate in a street Exhibition of Poetry on the Waterford Township Civic Center campus throughout May 2018. All are welcome to submit a poem for inclusion in this Exhibition.
Ends on April 16, 2018

Original poetry will hang in the trees on the Waterford Township Civic Center campus May 1-31, 2018 to be read and enjoyed by all who walk the grounds.

Please include the title and your name at the top of your poem. All elements of the poem should be left justified and/or centered to aid with publishing.

Additional rules for entries:

  • One entry per person
  • Original poetry by the poet submitting the entry
  • No pictures or photographs
  • Easy-to-read font
  • Minimum font size: 14pt
  • Maximum length: One 8.5"x11" page
  • Entries must be made online through this service
  • Deadline for entries: April 16, 2018